Daniel Obasi’s works birth a certain idealism to Afrocentric concepts; whimsical, soft yet powerfully contrasting with sharp silhouettes, colours and stories. Attracted to old cinema and afro futurism, Nigerian born Artist is deeply concerned with advancing the scope of African narratives.

Gradually developing a heartfelt style that lures viewers into an ever evolving imagination; 23 years old Obasi’s first encounter with art started in the year 2012 as an interning graphic designer at a security company “for me graphics design has a certain discipline that is devoid of any from creative limitations, you can basically create anything as long as your mind can contain it”. With his heart set on studying advertising and media Daniel applied to the University of Lagos where he ended up studying French. While in university he worked first as a freelance art and fashion writer for ours magazine and Fashion Business Africa.

Taking a long shot into fashion styling, Daniel Obasi interned with Funmi Fagbemi briefly before taking on editorial projects during his second year in university. From styling small campaigns and look books for upcoming brands to taking on major brands such as Maxivive, Rayo, Orange culture and Vlisco.

His works have been featured on Oxosi, Nataal, Maire Claire, Hunger Magazine, Kaltbult, Indie Magazine, Disorder magazine uk, CNN Africa, vsco, Afropunk, Okay africa,  ID magazine etc.

With three fashion films under his art direction; Embers of Bloom, illegal, and Vlisco: An Alien in Town  “In the long run I would love to work more in film as that has always been my first love”

Consistently working and drawing inspiration from his city Lagos Nigeria, Daniel is famous for exploring subject matters like sexuality, masculinity, beauty, cultural symbolism, Afrocentric fantasy and human relations.

Today Daniel Obasi works in Lagos as a freelance stylist, photographer and art director curating presentations as well as film projects.