Dami Adebayo aka Weird Creative is a self taught digital artists based in Washington Dc . Dami has been exposed to arts for as long as he can remember. His power of perception and ability to combine and retouch colors and pigments has helped influenced his creative ideation in his design agency which he started recently Weicreo spreading across all fields of art in drawing, digital art, photography, graphic design and web Development e.t.c

Dami concerntrates with all his creations on nature not absent-mindedly but with penetration, using photography and digital application tools as a medium to compose, edit and create surreal digital artworks inspired by nature,people, animals, objects and culture etc to bear relation to life. “Nothing in life is more beautiful than Nature,its my object of constant observation I look for in marshes, in the slime of the sea, amid the plaques of insects, hidden behind these phenomena there is beauty”